Brass Finishes
The timeless beauty of Brass & Bronze will never go out of style. Changes in preferences over the years can cause slightly different appearances such as the highly polished brass accents in furniture and hardware in the 1970s, to the un-lacquered living finishes popular today. Personal preference and historical finishes can dictate how a particular piece is restored today. We provide numerous choices, such as polished, brushed, and soft or butler finish, to a wide range of oxidized or antique appearances.

  • Polished Brass
    1. Traditional mirror finish
  • Antique Brass, Polished or Brushed
    1. Brass is darkened then either polished or brushed to high lite detail.
  • Matte Brass
    1. Bright bead blasted finish.
  • Brushed Brass
    1. Bright finish with brushed texture
  • Butler (Soft) Brass
    1. Polished with a softer appearance.
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze over Brass
    1. Matte brass oxidized light (Venetian), medium (brown) or dark (black).
Copper Finishes
From polished copper cookware and molds, to exterior light fixtures and guttering and downspouts, copper is a popular metal that can stand out beautifully when polished, or left to weather to a blue-green patina. Copper is an extremely durable metal with many uses. Copper can be finished to any desired level, just like brass.

  • Polished Copper
    1. Traditional mirror finish
  • Antique Copper, Polished or Brushed
    1. Copper is darkened then either polished or brushed to high lite detail.
  • Matte Copper
    1. Bright bead blasted finish
  • Brushed Copper
    1. Bright finish with brushed texture
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze over Copper
    1. Matte copper oxidized light (Venetian), medium (brown) or dark (black).
24 Carat Gold Finishes
Historically, Gold has always been a highly valued and sought after precious metal. At Acme Brass, we only plate 24 Caret gold, providing a very rich, beautiful color. Cobalt is used as an additive in the plating bath which provides exceptional wear characteristics. Discerning customers have requested gold plating on items such as plumbing and light fixtures, mantle clocks and candlesticks. Polished, brushed or matte finishes can be applied on your items too!

  • Polished Gold
    1. Traditional mirror finish
  • Butler (Soft) Gold
    1. Polished with softer appearance
  • Aged Gold
    1. Slightly oxidized to give a warm appearance
  • Brushed Gold
    1. Bright finish with brushed texture
  • Matte Gold
    1. Bright bead blasted finish
Silver Finishes
Pure silver can be plated on your family heirlooms to restore their faded beauty. Candlesticks, tea sets and picture frames plated with silver will add a rich dimension to your holiday decorating. Polished silver can be lacquered for display purposes, or left to be periodically hand polished. When regularly used and cleaned, silver develops a beautiful natural look. Sterling silver pieces can be polished.

  • Polished Silver
    1. Traditional mirror finish
  • Brushed Silver
    1. Bright finish with brushed texture
  • Butler (Soft) Silver
    1. Polished with a softer appearance
  • Polished Silver with Oxidized Detail
    1. Slightly oxidized to high lite subtle details
Nickel Finishes
Nickel is one of our most popular plated finishes. Brushed, polished or antique, nickel imparts a rich, warm look desirable on light fixtures and decorative pieces. Nickel is also a durable and protective finish which works well on plumbing, door hardware and industrial items like sprockets, gears and bearing housings for industrial use.

  • Polished Nickel
    1. Traditional mirror finish
  • Brushed Nickel
    1. Bright finish with brushed texture
  • Pewtered Nickel
    1. Simulates the look of polished pewter
  • Brushed Antique Nickel
    1. Nickel is darkened then brushed to high lite detail
  • Pearl Nickel
    1. Textured, Matte finish
  • Black Nickel, Polished
    1. Black mirror finish
Oil Rubbed & Patinated Finishes
Acme Brass can speed up what nature would do naturally by applying a chemical treatment to achieve the desired look. Oil-rubbed bronze can vary in shades from light to nearly black in appearance. Oil rub bronze can be matched to existing finishes. We can replicate a verde gris (blue green) color over copper, or numerous finishes on brass, nickel and silver.

  • Venetian (Light) Oil Rubbed Bronze
    1. Light brown over copper or brass showing base metal color.
  • Medium (Brown) Oil Rubbed Bronze
    1. Medium brown almost chocolate in color.
  • Dark (Black) Oil Rubbed Bronze
    1. Dark brown almost black appearance.
  • Verdi Gris (Blue Green)
    1. Oxidized to blue green like aged copper.
Iron, Steel & Stainless Steel Finishes
Carbon steel and iron without any surface treatment will quickly rust. Stainless Steel has chromium and other elements in the alloy that prevent corrosion. Both metals can be surface treated to achieve the desired finish and preserve the metal. Black oxide is a common finish for Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel.

  • Aged Iron
    1. Blackened to bring out character and
  • Polished Steel
    1. High polished mirror finish
  • Brushed Steel
    1. Bright steel with brushed texture
  • Oxidized and Relieved Brushed Steel
    1. Darkened and then brushed to high lite details.
Clear Coating & Lacquering
All of our finishes can be preserved by the application of a clear coat (sometimes referred to as lacquer). At Acme Brass, we use only the highest quality clear coats available. Depending on the item and where and how it is used, we would use one of the following.

  • Acrylic Lacquer with UV Stabilizers
  • Baked Epoxy with UV Stabilizers
  • Automotive Urethane
  • Silver Specific Lacquer
  • Gloss, Eggshell or Flat Gloss Levels
  • Acme Brass Own Hard Wax Coating for Sinks and Statuary