Finishes – Iron, Steel & Stainless Steel Finishes
aged steel
Old Iron

Starting with rusted iron, we clean and de-rust the part. Next, we apply a wax or pigmented coating and rub or relieve to lean an old, yet clean appearance. The part is usually finished with a clear coat to prevent rust from recurring.

polished steel
Polished Steel

Stainless & Mild Steel can be sanded or brushed to provide a uniform grain suitable for handrails, restaurant and medical equipment. Stainless steel is always left uncoated because of its natural corrosion resistance. Mild steel will rust if left untreated.

polished steel
Black Oxide on Polished Steel or Stainless Steel

A protective and decorative oxide coating used to prevent corrosion. Useful for protecting hand tools and architectural element on buildings.

oxidized steel
Oxidized and Relieved Brushed Stainless Steel

Several techniques are used to achieve a darkened finish on steel. Usually a brushed type finish with semi-gloss clear coat. This look can resemble Pewter.