Finishes – 24 Carat Gold Finishes
polished gold
Polished Gold

24 Carat Gold provides a rich and vibrant color. Historically used for candelabras, jewelry, church altar ware and other decorative items. Often Gold Plating is used for commemorative and ceremonial items such as a fireman’s axe presented as a retirement gift, or Gold plated shovels and brick trowels for groundbreaking ceremonies.

brushed gold
Brushed Gold

This has the same rich color as the polished gold, but with a brushed finish. It is commonly seen on lighting and plumbing fixtures.

butler Gold
Butler (Soft) Gold

Similar to polished Gold, but dulled slightly to impart a timeworn appearance. This finish is seen on antique mantle clocks and candelabras.

matte Gold
Matte Gold

This look is achieved by plating over a glass bead blasted surface. Matte Gold is frequently used on bathroom hardware.

aged Gold
Aged Gold

Aged Gold is usually a slightly darker Gold color sometimes achieved by Gold plating over Copper as a base coating. Chemical oxidizers or pigmented pastes can also be used to age the finish.