Finishes – Copper Finishes
polished COPPER
Polished Copper

A highly polished finish, commonly used on copper cookware and outdoor light fixtures.

brushed copper
Brushed Copper

This finish has a softer appearance achieved by brushing or sanding a grain pattern in the metal. It is sometimes referred to as mill finish such as seen on new copper guttering and downspouts.

antique copper
Antique Copper, Polished or Brushed

This finish is a good choice on parts that have an engraved or embossed detail. The darker background shows off the details in the part.

oil rubbed bronze over copper
Oil Rubbed Bronse over Copper

This is a medium to dark oxidation applied to the metal. The oxidation is usually rubbed or scratched to show some of the copper color, then clear coated. This is a popular finish on plumbing fixtures.

matte copper
Matte Copper

A part is bead blasted, then clear coated to protect the surface. Similar appearance to mill finish copper.

polished brass
polished brass
This solid copper floodlight was in use on a historic Kansas City skyscraper for over 80 years. The before picture shows the natural Verdigris patina. In the after picture, you see that the oxidation was removed and the copper polished and lacquered. The light was rewired and is being repurposed as a pendant light fixture for use over a bar or island.