Finishes – Clear Coating & Lacquering

Depending on the application, we will use one of these clear finishes:

CLEAR BAKING EPOXY This is an extremely durable coating that must be baked to cure. Ideal for parts used in damp or wet environments (plumbing fixtures, shower door hardware) or where items are handled frequently, (door hardware or musical instruments). UV stabilized. Gloss, semi-gloss or flat.

AUTOMOTIVE QUALITY URETHANE A very durable coating with characteristics similar to epoxy that will cure at room temperature. Used on items that are too large to be baked. Gloss or semi-gloss.

ACRYLIC LACQUER Excellent all around coating for indoor or outdoor applications. This air dry coating is best for items that do not get handled regularly. UV stabilizers and preservatives are included in the formula of this coating for enhanced protection in direct sunlight. This is a very good product for indoor and outdoor light fixtures, elevator cabs and architectural elements in commercial buildings.

EXCLUSIVE SILVER LACQUER Formulated specifically for protection of silver finishes to prevent tarnish.

HARD WAX This is an Acme Brass exclusive formulation that is used when applied coatings are not suitable. An excellent example of its use is in copper and brass sinks, or bronze sculptures where a natural finish is desired.