Finishes – Nickel Finishes
polished nickel
Polished Nickel

Our most popular finish, Nickel has a timeless appeal. Extensively used on door and cabinet hardware, bathroom plumbing fixtures, vintage wood stove restoration and much more. Typically left un-lacquered, Nickel will wear beautifully into a soft finish.

brushed antique nickel
Brushed Nickel

This is another very popular finish for hardware and fixtures. A faint grain pattern is applied and then the parts are usually clear coated to impart a glossy finish.

brushed nickel
Brushed Antique Nickel

Same basic finish as Brushed Nickel, but oxidized and relieved to leave dark accents in the grain pattern.

pearl nickel
Pearl (Matte) Nickel

Nickel is plated over a glass bead blasted surface, and then lacquered to provide a semi-gloss or flat sheen. Left uncoated, this finish is commonly used on industrial or commercial parts to provide corrosion resistance.

pewtered nickel
Pewtered Nickel

A plating technique that invokes the look of pewter. Frequently used on light fixtures and decorative elements.

black nickel
Black Nickel, Polished

This is a specialty treatment used to modify a polished Nickel finish to give a deep black appearance. This application provides very good corrosion resistance. It is a contemporary look for lighting and plumbing fixtures, motorcycle accents, etc.